Located in Anchorage, AK; Spokane, WA; Denver, CO; and San Jose, Costa Rica… the “Bag-Trace” idea came about around a decade ago while working for an airline and noticing a distinct lack of communication while watching commodities get bumped due to irregular ops and too many fingers in the cookie Jar. Bag-Trace seeks to eliminate that hiccup and help Rampers and Freight Runners locate the airline’s commodities in a more streamlined fashion. As well as to allow those employees less frustration while looking for their manifest items and saving the airline time and energy. Bag-Trace does not strive to eliminate jobs, but instead helps those employees do their jobs easier and more efficiently.

Bag-Trace though named after the luggage aspect, and more geared toward weather delays, cancellations and other system wide irregular ops was a simpler name for reference purposes but only makes up a segment of the opportunities and solutions our company offers. The other side of the company though beneficial to an irregular operation environment is a much smaller scale operation which can be scaled up by location and not necessary for system wide implementation. Allowing freight runners, manifestors, supervisors, rampers, and loaders to all be on the same page and to be able to access the same information in dynamic and realtime situations. Eliminating the need for visual verifications and miscommunications between different groups whereby streamlining everyone’s individual responsibilities and cancelling out the blaming between the groups as to where the commodities are located.